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Bareboat charterSpain has an extraordinary cultural heritage. It is the fusion of different influences throughout the history; mostly Iberian, Latin, Roman Catholicism and Moorish Islam.

A strong sense of regional identity and distinctiveness has significantly contributed to their cultural development, shown mostly in their language. Apart from the official Spanish language, several regional languages are spoken in Spain; Basque, Catalan, Valencian, Galician, including some local dialects such as Asturian, Aragonese, Aranese and Gascon. The culture of Spain is varied and quite interesting. It is the country of many events and celebrations, accompanied by music, dance, parades, festivals and shows. Among the most popular events we must mention Flamenco music and dance, Bullfights, Bull Running and La Tomatina.

Great architectural structures can be seen throughout the country, with many structures being the World Heritage Sites. Rich heritage ranges from prehistoric monuments, Roman ruins, decorative buildings, castles and cathedrals to wonderful modern structures.
Spain is a country of many dominant figures in art; Velasquez, Goya, Picasso, Miró, Dalí and other prolific painters. We must not forget the Spanish music and the fact that guitar was invented in Spain, from the Moorish lute. Paco de Lucía is the best known flamenco guitarist in the world. Spain has always been one of the main cultural centers in Europe and has retained reputation of a fascinating country with rich cultural tradition.

When visiting Spain, one can attend various interesting traditional events. Flamenco is the most popular and best known in the world. It's characteristic for the south of the country, in Andalucia. Another famous event is the bullfights in all the parts of the country. However, we must not forget the running of bulls in Pamplona.
Visitors must not miss the festival of dancing and trying the Sherry wine in Seville, held in April, the event that followed Easter week with its procession, Semana Santa. Another religious event is El Rocio, in May.
Las Fallas de San Jose is an outstanding event held in Valencia, in March. It turns into a great party as well as La Tamburrada in San Sebastian, in February.

For those who like bullfights, we suggest they go to Madrid in May for its fiesta San Isidro.
Each region, and each town has its own fiestas and events. However, the carnival is pretty popular in all the parts, specially in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Cadiz or Sitges.



Spain is a constitutional monarchyGeneral Information
Spain is a constitutional monarchy and a region of unique culture which attracts many tourist with its exceptional beauty and outstanding architectural heritage, museums, cathedrals, etc.

About climate in SpainClimate in Spain
Continental, Maritime and Mediterranean climate are the three types of climate in this area

The Spanish cuisine is rich in varietySpanish gastronomy
The Spanish cuisine is rich in variety and has gained an excellent reputation. Their dishes vary from tasty sauces, fish and vegetables naturally combined with the wines.

pain has an extraordinary cultural heritageCulture and Events
Spain has an extraordinary cultural heritage. It is the fusion of different influences throughout the history; mostly Iberian, Latin, Roman Catholicism and Moorish Islam.


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