Marinas in Spain

Marinas in SpainSpain is an ideal retreat all year round for all water sport enthusiasts. The warm Mediterranean Sea attracts many visitors from all over the world. There has been a great interest in nautical tourism over the past few years. The demand for spending vacation on board has grown and it led to the development of modern marinas all along the Spanish coast. All the marinas provide various facilities for visitors and yachtsmen. Most are lavishly equipped and offer high standard facilities and services to meet the most demanding requests.

Most marinas have additional berths for mega yachts, offering an exclusive service of the highest quality. All the berths have water and electricity supply. All the marinas provide some standard facilities such as showers, restaurants, bars, shops, etc. Besides these standard services, some marinas have become real tourist resorts due to different entertainment areas not only in the marinas but also in their surroundings.

In Spain you can find some of the finest marinas of the world.
Some of the best marinas in Spain:

What makes all the marinas and ports excellent is the functionality along with the safety.

It is important to consult the nautical guide with charts and all the information about marinas along the coast. As you will notice, the marinas in Spain are all well equipped and offer a really good infrastructure, berths for all types of boats and yachts, various facilities and services (electricity, water, shower, bars and restaurants, shops etc.).

Not only you can enjoy all the marina services, but you can attend different sailing events, cultural events, concerts, shows...

MARINA is an artificial or natural structure used for boat anchorage and equipped with all the facilities and services.

PONTOON is an internal structure of a port, floating or fixed, with berths for boats. When entering a marina prepare the boat fenders on each side to protect your boat from collision, stay far from the ferries and other boats.

Remember to give the advantage to boats coming to your right side. Respect the speed allowed in the port.


Las Palmas is the capital city of the Canary Islands that consist of seven islands and smaller islets. The islands are just 96 km from the African coast. It is the zone of warm summers and mild winters. This is a busy port and it is a starting base of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.

Latitude: 28°09'N
Longitude: 15°25'W
Berths: 850
10 for yachts from 25 to 30m
8 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 50m
Max. draught: 5m
Max. beam: 12m


The marina is located in a naturally protected enclave and it is the most idyllic place and mega yacht base, clean and safe. Five star hotels complement a spectrum of cultural and sporting facilities. The whole island offers a marvelous landscape and colorful traditional culture.

Latitude: 28°54.93'N
Longitude: 13°42.29'W
Berths: 420
15 for yachts from 25 to 30m
25 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 70m
Max. draught: 5m
Max. beam: 11m


Puerto Jose Banus is a large marina that provides 900 berths for yachts and it is one of the most interesting tourist resorts on the Costa del Sol. The marina has been awarded for development of economic, social and cultural interests. Marbella is a place of cultural events, exhibitions and international regattas all year round.

Latitude: 36°29.1'N
Longitude: 04°57.2'W
Berths: 915
60 for yachts from 25 to 30m
18 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 50m
Max. draught: 5m
Max. beam: 9m


This is the new marina for luxury yachts with all the facilities including safety, privacy and easy access. It is located in the middle of the Costa Calida and only three minutes walk to the centre of town. It is surrounded by splendid beaches and the Mar Menor, a salt water lake.

Latitude: 37°35'N
Longitude: 00°59'W
Berths: 63
38 for yachts from 25 to 30m
27 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 140m
Max. draught: 12m
Max. beam: 25m


The marina is located only 50 metres from the town centre. Here you can find all the equipment for your yacht, berths provided with water and electricity supply, satellite TV, then petrol station, shipyard, sailing and diving schools, all complemented with a pleasant climate.

Latitude: 38°20.47'N
Longitude: 00°28.8'W
Berths: 744
37 for yachts from 25 to 30m
3 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 60m


Denia is situated on the Costa Blanca. It was given name after the Roman goddess of hunting Diana. It has always been one of the most important harbors of the coastline. The marina provides all the facilities for yachtsmen, restaurants, pubs and shops, all with a beautiful view of the sea.

Latitude: 38°50.38'N
Longitude: 07°11.83'E
Berths: 400
2 for yachts from 25 to 30m
6 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 60m
Max. draught: 4.5m
Max. beam: 10m


Ibiza is world known resort that attracts tourists each year in search of sea, sun, sand and some of the most exciting night life in Europe. Besides pontoons for smaller yachts, there is an additional area for larger yachts up to 50m. A new attraction is a race for cruising yachts which starts from both Barcelona and Denia, finishing in Ibiza.

Latitude: 38°54.00'N
Longitude: 01°26.00'E
Berths: 536
15 for yachts from 25 to 30m
9 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 50m
Max. draught: 6m
Max. beam: 11m


Alcudia Bay abounds in many hidden coves and water sport activities. The marina offers all of the usual facilities and services. It has been awarded an EU Blue Flag for its high standards. There is a Roman theatre and a four star hotel there. One can attend the fiesta of San Pedro, the patron saint of fishermen.

Latitude: 39°49.08'N
Longitude: 03°08.04'E
Berths: 730
16 for yachts from 25 to 30m
1 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 30m
Max. draught: 4m
Max. beam: 8.5m


The marina is located at the heart of the city of Palma. It offers the outstanding security measures, a control room with video cameras, guards, surveillance, efficient fire prevention, qualified staff, weather forecast and many other facilities. One can enjoy the restaurants, spas, golf courses, best hotels and much more.

Latitude: 39°34'N
Longitude: 02°38'E
Berths: 152
24 for yachts from 25 to 30m
45 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 75m
Max. draught: 4m
Max. beam: 13m


It is located in the capital of Menorca, Mahon, at the eastern end of the island. It is a tourist resort with great beaches, bars, boutiques, shops and restaurants. It is known for its gaming culture and casino. During the winter the city regains its tranquility.

Latitude: 39°52.00'N
Longitude: 04°18.00'E
Berths: 150
10 for yachts from 25 to 30m
1 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 35m
Max. draught: 3m
Max. beam: 10m
Max. beam: 13m



the best times to visit SpainWhen to go?
Late spring (May, June), late summer and early autumn (September) would be the best times to visit Spain. These are the periods of good weather conditions, when you can avoid the most crowded places and extreme heat.

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If you are among the non-experienced sailors, then you will need as many information as possible to make your vacation planning easier and simpler. However, the easiest way to organize you sailing vacation would be to find a reliable charter company.

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A vacation on board in Spain is an ideal way to experience its limpid waters. Various amenities on board will make your sailing journey easier and unforgettable one.

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A crewed charter is an ideal option for freedom of sailing with luxurious service provided by the crew. It means a full package vacation with full board.

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Catamaran charter is appreciated by everyone and the demand for catamarans has extremely increased over the past few years. It has become a popular pleasure craft.


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