climate in Spain

About climate in SpainThere are three types of climate in this area:

The Canary Islands have subtropical weather with mild temperatures all around the year. The climate is generally temperate with clear, hot summers, moderate along the coast and cold winters, partly cloudy along the coast.



Spain is a constitutional monarchyGeneral Information
Spain is a constitutional monarchy and a region of unique culture which attracts many tourist with its exceptional beauty and outstanding architectural heritage, museums, cathedrals, etc.

The Spanish cuisine is rich in varietySpanish gastronomy
The Spanish cuisine is rich in variety and has gained an excellent reputation. Their dishes vary from tasty sauces, fish and vegetables naturally combined with the wines.

Spain has always been a target for different civilizationsSpanish History
Due to its great location, Spain has always been a target for different civilizations. The Iberian population probably arrived from the north of Africa.

pain has an extraordinary cultural heritageCulture and Events
Spain has an extraordinary cultural heritage. It is the fusion of different influences throughout the history; mostly Iberian, Latin, Roman Catholicism and Moorish Islam.


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